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SR and G entered into a lease for some of the land in the area and replaced the 1999 agreement. After Poland, the lease only allowed Kosakowo to use the country for a civilian air airport. When the lease expires, the device can lock at least part of the device`s functionality and provide an environment to renew the lease. For facilities or machinery, the lease agreement must take the form of a financing lease and include an obligation for the recipient of the aid to acquire the asset at the end of the lease term. The underwriter requests payment under the Single Payment Plan and adds a copy of the lease to the request. In cases where a purchase or leasing contract may affect the allocation of payment rights, the lease agreement and the assumption of loans: According to Germany, any aid related to these measures would be an existing aid. Does the lease include an obligation to acquire the asset – with a property and another type – at the end of the lease term? The lease expires later than the last application date for the single payment scheme ab, so a lease agreement was negotiated with Vodafone and only for one of the two fibers. The first agreement was a lease agreement whereby FABV leased the entire facility to Hammar [7]. Leasing contract and loan support: according to BDF, the lack of sufficient information for the Commission is an indication of the existence of assistance The lessor is requesting the allocation or increase of the payment rights by adding to the request a copy of the lease and indicating the number of hectares for which he intends to rent the rights to payment. THE PONS online dictionary is free: it is also available for iOS and Android! . .

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