Agreement Over Charge For Musical Instrument


Mu strongly recommends that you be able to venture with your airline, that they leave your instrument in the cabin before booking your tickets. If you prefer to fly your large instrument in the cabin, you can buy a seat for it. Please read our hand luggage information for more details. Airlines can also have their own rules on how much baggage you can take on a plane. Seats for larger instruments may be required, and some airlines have limitations on the amount of baggage and weight for checked baggage. Rent rents agree to pay the business in advance for the initial rental period, which includes rental fees, tax and service contract (optional). Rental fees are non-refundable. All payments for rent beyond the initial rental period are due each month on the same day. A coupon book is made available for payments at the time of the rental or by mail within 15 days of the date of the rental.

Payments apply first to late fees and all other fees due, and then to instrument rentals. Payments apply first to overdue payments and then to current payments. Interest on monthly payments is calculated in accordance with Accounting 78. It is also strongly recommended that passengers contact the airline to find out if the musical instrument is available in addition to or in place of carry-on baggage. “We know that, in some cases, ground and cabin crew were less informed about their employers` policies than they should.” I hope this will encourage airlines to improve their game and give musicians some security when they book to travel with their instruments.¬†For Alaska Airlines` 1-1999 series, the combined linear dimensions of a verified musical instrument must not exceed 150 inches (length – height – width). For Alaska Airlines` 2000-2999 and 3300-3499 air series, the maximum combined linear dimensions must not exceed 115 inches (length – height – width). The rental instrument remains at all times the property of West Moreton Anglican College and is loaned to the student under the following conditions: the cover does not include – replacement of consumable accessories such as reeds, lende, cleaners, drum heads, drum sticks, ropes, removal of minor bumps that do not alter the quality of the game, restoration of surfaces, damage done by unskilled people trying to repair , all repairs, parts and replacements must be carried out by the Meyer Music Company. No refunds are made for services or parts purchased from other sources. Fire or theft damage is not covered by the service contract, the tenant is responsible for the loss of the instrument and, in this case, is responsible for the full payment. The service agreement does not apply to the negligence or abuse, intentionally or unintentionally, of instrument parts or accessories or instrument cases caused by violence. These trends are evaluated and determined by Meyer Music. The physical fitness of the student to a given instrument is also a factor.

Standard If I am late with a monthly payment, Meyer Music may assume that I do not wish to continue the test purchase contract and can retrieve the instrument whenever it is found at school or elsewhere, with or without the tenant`s knowledge. If legal action is required to recover the instrument, I agree to pay reasonable legal fees. The tenant orders each third party who holds custody or ownership of the instrument, including the school, to provide the instrument at Meyer Music`s request and undertakes that Meyer Music will not be unscathed from those third parties, officials and teachers for such delivery.